Hey there! I'm thrilled to have you here. My name is Rupert, and I'm on a mission to unlock the power of data to make a positive impact in our everyday lives. With a unique blend of expertise in data science, health, finance, and space, I'm excited to share my insights and discoveries with you.

During my DPhil at the University of Oxford, I developed the worlds 'Most Advanced' camera to hunt for exoplanets[1]. I created the first machine learning algorithm to tune these cameras.

It was during this time that I pulled off some gravity-defying tricks on a skateboard and earned a Guinness World Record in skateboarding! In doing so we raised money for Alzheimer's research, something that I'm still very passionate about.

My fascination with data and its potential to bring clarity and drive innovation led me to delve into the realms of health and life sciences. I've had the privilege of working at a leading machine learning and biotech company, driving the development of an AI-based viral infectivity assay. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to revolutionize vaccine and antiviral development.

Check out my interview on the New Matter Podcast where I discuss my experience in astrophysics vs biotech, academia vs industry, and the world record...

I'm also interested in finance both from a unique data analysis challenge and as a means of empowering individuals to achieve more with their resources. I've developed a Python package for backtesting options strategies, democratizing quantitative finance, and equipping investors to optimize their financial decisions. Additionally, I've created a Python tool that compares stock and real estate returns, allowing individuals to explore and understand precisely, which investment vehicle is best for their circumstances.

Through my website, I aim to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and practical applications, making data science accessible and applicable to everyday life. Whether it's exploring optimal diets for health, unraveling the mysteries of the universe, or diving into the complexities of finance, I'm here to guide you on this exhilarating journey.

So, fasten your seatbelts and join me as we uncover the limitless potential of data together. Let's challenge the status quo, break records, and make a positive difference. Get ready to unlock the power of data like never before!

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